Speaking english



Speaking class & discussion topics:

Work in pairs (interaction)

• How could you protect the environment?


  – Recycle

  – Transport

  – Save energy/water at home

Individual speech (3 min):

• Talk about your personal experience of education.


   – Was/Is it positive or negative?Why?

   – Did you have a favourite subject or teacher?




Inglés en Casa Maty

_MG_2079Este martes, también podrás acercarte a hablar inglés con nosotros/as en la Asociación Cultural Casa Maty.
Esto es lo que haremos durante la tarde:

Speaking class and discussion topics

– Talk about where you live (2-3 min)

– Work in pairs: agree on the best place to live (house/flat, city/village,..) and the best historical period to live (ancient times, Golden Age, The Middle Ages, 60´s,…)